New York State is making solar more affordable for a wide variety of customers. percent tax credit for residential and commercial properties that convert to solar. Contact us for more information at


Below are the two types of benefits from the Sun that we can install for you.

Solar Thermal – Let the Sun heat your water for free…

Heating up hot water on a roof or sun located area is common in many other parts of the world. We can install either a flat panel or Evacuated tube heat collectors along with a storage tank that can interact with your current system to get hot water.  A Solar Thermal system has smaller up-front costs, requires less space, and brings a quicker payback due to its higher efficiency heat conversion rates. In some cases heating a pool is an efficient way to dump some of the extra heat collected during the hotter summer months.

Solar Electric – Have you ever watched a meter spin backwards and feed the grid?

Since 1997 a new law required the utilities to credit users that feed electricity from Solar Electric Installations. If your location is applicable, we’ll help you get set up to receive the Suns Rays and convert its energy to power your home or building. More commonly called Photovoltaics (light-electricity) we can help walk you through the process of our installation from rebates, incentives, permitting and testing. Since Sandy hit NYC Solar Installations didn’t generally include battery backup systems. Now Power Storage Options are available and generating more interest. Were awaiting review from NYSERDA to be able to provide the program benefits directly as a listed contractor. We do have a NABCEP PV Certified Installer (110112-4) on our team to lead projects related to all our Solar Installations.

Green Project Management – We are experienced in working with all phases of construction from start to finish, as well as Operations and Maintenance.

Our USGBC LEED AP (10371743) is certified in Building Design & Construction and qualified to lead a team or consultations for projects large and smaller.

Working with a trade electrician and certified with USGBC GPro certifications in Electrical, Construction Management, & Operations & Maintenance for required projects.

Our team can work to either help plan or “green up” your residential or commercial building/project. Analyses by Class 1 Thermographers are available for advanced diagnosis of water issues, infiltration bypasses, and similar issues. Contact us with your project details for further information.

Lighting Efficiency

Most homes and businesses have many options to upgrade their lighting to CFL’s, T8/T5 fluorescent, or LED’s. Lighting controls such as Occupancy and Daylight sensors can prevent unwanted burn time on lamps and minimize electrical use also. Sometimes we retrofit a new lamp/ballast and replace older fixtures when necessary. Keeping in line with the Local law requirements for lighting common spaces we can make sure you’re not over lighting or under lighting your common areas.

Our electrician has been experienced installing ballasts since 1994 in NYC. We incorporate local utility incentives for Business & Commercial clients.

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