There are fewer elements of a home more beautiful and majestic than cathedral ceilings. It can add airiness to your home, making rooms appear larger and giving you the opportunity to profile architectural details. These are all wonderful reasons to employ cathedral ceilings in your home, but insulating a cathedral ceiling can be tricky, particularly if you’re trying to use traditional insulation.

The difficulty with trying to insulate a cathedral ceiling is that there is the possibly of insufficiently insulating the space or the angle of the ceiling makes it tough to insulate properly. Insufficient traditional insulation can lead to drafts and air leakage, thanks to gaps and holes in where the insulation is installed. So what’s the answer?

Icynene spray foam insulation and cathedral ceilings are the ideal combination. The reason spray foam like Icynene makes the most sense for your home’s cathedral ceilings is that spray foam is able to expand up to 100 times its original size, within second of application. The foam can then expand into tiny cracks and holes that traditional insulation might not fit into, thereby effectively air sealing your cathedral ceiling. It can also be sprayed into areas that a regular contractor may not be able to reach with traditional insulation. Icynene’s air seal will help to reduce air loss and drafts you might normally experience with this type of design element in your home.